Relaunch of blog – Cluster One: R-L165 Project

Since I first started this blog a lot has happened in the world of Y-DNA studies and a terminal SNP has been found for the Olive subgroup of the Clan Donald Project. A new project at Family Tree DNA has been set up specifically for this marker called L165 which belongs to haplogroup R1b1a2. Therefore I will be editing and posting on this site to reflex these changes not least the title of the blog which is now Cluster One: R-L165 Project.

Cluster One now contains participants with the following surnames: Buie/Bowie, Cameron, Carmichael, MacDonald, MacNeil, McMillion/McMullan and McPherson. I’ll be posting some information on how each is related to one another along with geographical information as and when I have time. Lori MacLeod Wilkes admin of the L165 Project  maintains fantastic pages on the results – Cluster One can be found here.

I am also now Scottish representative for Family Tree DNA in Scotland which has certainly opened my eyes to just how useful Y-DNA is becoming in genealogical research.


6 thoughts on “Relaunch of blog – Cluster One: R-L165 Project

  1. I have went back to do some very serious research on the West Virginia McMillions/Williams lines. There seems to be a father and son by the name of John William McMillion who’s ages matches John Williams and son ages. I am wondering because my grandfather’s signature is only one away from the John McMillion, if these are in fact the very same people. Either that or Margaret, the daughter of John Williams had an illegitimate son by unknown. I do know, other males of this very same line of Williams have been tested and do not match our Abraham. So it does make sense he was illegitimate from Margaret because all records show Margaret, the daughter of John Williams as Abraham’s father.

  2. The drum roll, the complete 111 marker is in. We do match the ancient Macneil and MacDonald. This has been an agonizing journey but it finally fits. Why Margaret Williams deeded Abraham her land for $1. She bore the burden of having a baseborn child and was not going to allow him to be without an inheritance especially since John McMillion was a wealthy next door neighbour. Only one line of genealogy changes. What an awesome change it is. I must learn my heritage all over again.

  3. I have sent an email to Mother and cousin Arlene. All my books and genealogy was left with my mother when I moved to the UK. There are many documents which Show Abraham as being Margaret’s son. Many documents which will show the close relationship the McMillion had with the Williams. There are land grants to prove they were next door neighbours in Virginia when it was a Common Wealth and after it became a State. There are many close connections to the two families. Now, verifying where John McMillion came from..

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