Caithness MacDonalds

Our Caithness group of MacDonalds has grown with the addition of a descendant of William McDonald and Barbara Cameron who were married at Brawlbin in 1802.  We have two distinct lineages within the group, both have connections with the Brubster area.  Families then spread out to Shurrery, Brawlbin, Glutt, Achscoriclate and over into the Strath of Dunbeath.

Mindmap Macdonald  25-01-2013 matches

The maps below show the primary location of our MacDonald families (red circles) in the parishes of Reay, Halkirk and Latheron.  Circles in blue relate to families still to be connected or where ancestors of our group have lived.  If you click on one of the images below, it will open in a new window to enable viewing of the place names.

Caithness map Thomson 1832

Caithness map Thomson 1832

Caithness – John Thomson’s Atlas of Scotland, 1832  ©National Library of Scotland


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