Kit 162876 – Williams (McMullan of South Uist and MacNeil of Barra matches)

The family story of this participant is that their ancestor came originally from the Island of Jura and changed their name upon arriving in the colonies.

Living (xxxx-)

Russell Sage Williams
Born – 1886
Marr – Rosa Jane Howell

Cornelius Hurley Williams
Born – 1856
Marr – Jane Bankhead

Abraham  Williams
born – 1813
Marr – Frankie Ocheltree

John Williams (jnr)
Born – 1777
Marr – Mary Byrne

John Williams (snr)
Born – 1738 (location not known)
Marr – 1775 Ann Jones in Albemarle County Virgina, USA

This John (snr) was known as John of the Flatlands of Braxton County West Virginia.


2 thoughts on “Kit 162876 – Williams (McMullan of South Uist and MacNeil of Barra matches)

  1. John Williams and John McMillion who were our progenitors, both settled in the Greenbrier Valley of Virginia in mid 1700. The two families were intermarried down thru the generations.

    Even though our Williams family was not aware, we were McMillion by genetics…From the DNA study by Family Tree, we find we are McMillion and come from the northern islands of Scotland and originally from the MacNeil, MacDonald and Buie…Further testing revealed we are a rare group of the L165 Vikings. I am anxious to learn more.

    I am LuRose Williams and the last living descendant of this Williams family.

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