Kit 50928 – McDonald

Broubster, Reay, Caithness

This participant has confirmed ancestral origins in Caithness, Scotland.

Living [xxxx-]

Robert Law McDonald  [1911-1994]
Born 29 Nov 1911, Edinburgh
Marr – Elizabeth Baird  15 Oct 1937, Edinburgh
Died 3 May 1994, North Berwick

Alexander McDonald [1885-1948]
Born 21 March 1885, Lerwick, Shetland
Marr – Annie Law 13 Mar 1905, Edinburgh
Died 1 Nov 1948, Edinburgh

John Angus MacDonald [1856-1923]
Born 26 Sep 1856, Thurso, Caithness
Marr – Georgina Cameron 18 Dec 1879 Lerwick, Shetland
Died 7 Jul 1923, Bangour, Uphall ,West Lothian

Alexander MacDonald [1827-1906]
Born 1827 ? Shebster, Reay, Caithness
Marr – Helen Bain 18 Nov 1855, Harpsdale, Halkirk
Died 22 Jan 1906, Edinburgh

James MacDonald [1794-1857]
Bap 15 Apl 1794, Brubster, Reay, Caithness
Marr – Isabella MacKay 9 Feb 1826, Reay & Farr
Died 12 Aug 1857, Thurso, Buried in Reay

George MacDonald [not known]
Born around 1765
Marr – Morach/Mary MacLeod


One thought on “Kit 50928 – McDonald

  1. trying to contact Alasdair MacDonald, to research info on my ancestor, Aeneas (possibly changed to Enos on arrival in U.S.) McDonald. He landed in Wash. Co., PA, named his land and holdings “Caithness”. Another searcher found this:
    IGI 1730 -1770 and found 2 Aeneas McDonald s.
    1. Aeneas McDONALD christened 19 Apr 1734 Cromdele And Inverallan And Advie, Inverness, to Alexr. & Isobel GRANT
    Number C110932.
    2. Aeneas McDONALD married 29 Jan 1754 Cabrach, Aberdeen, to Elizabeth McDONALD Number M111772.
    No records found here in USA; trying to search for info in Caithness to trace his origins and family. Mary McDonald Silva

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