Kit 69720 – MacDonald

John MacDonald of Achscoriclate, Caithness 1752-1840, tacksman and cattle drover.  Married to Barbara Gordon daughter of Alastair Gordon of Dalchairn in Kildonan, a cadet of the Gordon’s of Embo.  John is buried in Dalnawillan graveyard, parish of Halkirk.  There is a large  table stone above his grave which includes the following information: John McDonald, Achscoriclate died 3 March 1840 aged 88 years, erected by his son Gordon.

Gravestone - John MacDonald of Achscoriclate

Gravestone at Dalnawillan, Halkirk parish to one of his son John, who died 4 February 1834 aged 31 years. ©Ro MacDonald, Voorburg, Netherlands.


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