Kit 124845 – MacDonald

Robert McDonald gravestone, New Lairg, Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Robert McDonald
a native of Sutherlandshire who
emigrated to America in 1802
and having during the greater
part of the remainder of his life
usefully spent his days in the
capacity of a teacher he depart
ed this life on the 23rd day of
Nov’r 1835 and 49th year of his
age leaving his disconsolate
relict nine children and numbe
of friends to lament his death

Robert McDonald’s tombstone is located in the Pioneer’s cemetery in what was formerly known as New Lairg, Pictou County,  Nova Scotia.

Living [xxxx-]

Robert MacDonald [1920-xxxx]
Born 1920, Westville, Nova Scotia

Robert MacDonald [1864-1946]
Born 1864, Westville, Nova Scotia
Marr 1. Sophie Monroe
Marr 2. Isabella Ross (mother of Robert MacDonald b.1920)
Died 1946

Alexander MacDonald [1834-1909]
Born 1834, New Lairg, Nova Scotia
Marr. Annabel Fraser
Died 1909
Alexander, known as Black Sandy, was the 10th child: 2 boys & 8 girls. His elder brother Robert is believed to have died in New York as a young man.

Robert McDonald [1785-1835]
Born 1785, Lairg, Sutherland, Scotland
Marr. Jane Barclay
Died 1835, New Lairg, Nova Scotia

Robert McDonald from Torrobol, Lairg, Sutherland, Scotland


One thought on “Kit 124845 – MacDonald

  1. Good work Alasdair. FYI, Robert MacDonald, born 1920, died August 15th, 1995.


    Robert Stephen (Steve) MacDonald.

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