Relaunch of blog – Cluster One: R-L165 Project

Since I first started this blog a lot has happened in the world of Y-DNA studies and a terminal SNP has been found for the Olive subgroup of the Clan Donald Project. A new project at Family Tree DNA has been set up specifically for this marker called L165 which belongs to haplogroup R1b1a2. Therefore I will be editing and posting on this site to reflex these changes not least the title of the blog which is now Cluster One: R-L165 Project.

Cluster One now contains participants with the following surnames: Buie/Bowie, Cameron, Carmichael, MacDonald, MacNeil, McMillion/McMullan and McPherson. I’ll be posting some information on how each is related to one another along with geographical information as and when I have time. Lori MacLeod Wilkes admin of the L165 Project  maintains fantastic pages on the results – Cluster One can be found here.

I am also now Scottish representative for Family Tree DNA in Scotland which has certainly opened my eyes to just how useful Y-DNA is becoming in genealogical research.