Cluster One update

We now have 25 members within L165 Cluster One who have results at the 67 markers level.  The possible relationship between the various surnames within the cluster came be illustrated via a Fluxus diagram.  I am still playing about with this software so the charts below should only be viewed as a ‘work in progress’.  The length of vector lines represent distance from the modal for the group.  The diagram does not take into account mutations which appear to be personal to an individual. If you click on an image it will open in a larger format.

67 markers 09-03-2013

We now also have 13 members who have tested out to 111 markers at Family Tree DNA.  The relationship between the various surnames within the cluster can be illustrated via a Fluxus diagram.

111 markers 09-03-2013

TMRCA 09-03-2013

The times represented above are I believe rather  conservative.  The MacDonald members from Caithness do have circumstantial documentary evidence suggesting the estimates above to a common ancestor (MRCA) are around  200 years earlier than suggested.  Thus kits 46281 and 69720 rather than being 480 years TMRCA are I believe closer to 280 years TMRCA.  By recruiting further members to test and the use of Triangulation we may be able to further calibrate TMRCA.  You can read more about Triangulation here